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Diagnostic Equipment


Aberdeen Veterinary Hospital has a separate and complete x-ray suite equipped with digital x-ray. Our machine takes excellent, good quality views that are stored digitally and can be sent out for interpretation at any time. All of the veterinarians and the technicians are well trained in proper x-ray techniques. Digital x-ray creates an instant image for viewing by our clients and can easily be forwarded to other clinic and specialists. Our system can display immediately to a screen in our surgery suite, which alleviates the need for the surgeon to exit the sterile environment if a viewing is needed.

Ultrasound Diagnostics

Ultrasound is used diagnostically and gives great advantage to discovering hidden ailments in animals. Aberdeen Veterinary Hospital boasts a new SonoPath Mindray Ultrasound machine and puts it to good use in searching out things like how many puppies or kittens are to be expected, urinary tract issues, tumours, internal bleeding, foreign bodies and many other things that can be hiding inside a patient. We keep our ultrasound machine very busy and it has proved to be a very valuable tool for our practice. Should the need arise, we have access to specialists for more expert interpretation of our ultrasounds.

Labs and Bloodwork

Our lab consists of a complete Idexx blood analyzer system which enables us to run blood panels in-house. This is very helpful in emergency cases as it reduces the wait time that happens when samples have to be sent away. We have a fully functioning, good quality microscope and we check urine and fecal samples in our lab. When we do send out samples, we send them to True North Laboratories in the lower mainland. Prompt blood analysis is key to aid in faster diagnosis of medical issues.


Other Services

Aberdeen Veterinary Hospital has state-of-the-art equipment in our newly-renovated hospital and an experienced staff comprised of 5 veterinarians and multiple support team members. Whether your pet simply needs a check-up or requires more intensive, ongoing treatment, we provide the highest quality care to all our patients. From regular health visits to when the time comes to say goodbye, you and your pet will be treated with compassion and kindness every step of the way.


Aberdeen Veterinary Hospital is well established as a dentistry facility.


Our self-contained surgery suite provides the surgeon ready access to x-rays and necessary surgical equipment.

In-Home Euthanasia

This is a very specialized service for specific situations.

Emergency Care

Aberdeen Veterinary Hospital is a member of the Kamloops Veterinary On Call Group.

Yearly Health Checks & Vaccinations

We recommend yearly checks and vaccines to maintain your pet’s good health.