Our Philosophy

  • 30 MINUTE APPOINTMENTS: In order to practice good medicine, we need to take a careful history and do a good physical examination on your pet. Most practices try to do this in 15 to 20 minute appointments: at Aberdeen Veterinary Hospital our regular medical appointments are 30 minutes.
  • WE ARE ALSO A FELINE SPECIALTY PRACTICE: Dr. Diane McKelvey is one of only six veterinarians in Canada who are certified as feline practice specialists, and is currently the only American Board of Veterinary Practitioners (feline) specialist practicing in British Columbia. Knowing that cats would be a very important focus for our practice, our facility was designed from the start to accommodate the unique needs of cats with a waiting area, exam room, and hospital ward for cats only. The combination of facilities and expertise that we offer has led to our recognition by the American Association of Feline Practitioners as a Cat Friendly Practice.
  • WE SUPPORT ANIMAL WELFARE IN KAMLOOPS: Our practice is pleased to offer financial and medical support for the important work of the Kamloops SPCA and Kamloops Humane Society. The BC SPCA recognized this in May, 2016, by designating us as the British Columbia Veterinarian of the Year.
  • WE BELIEVE THAT VACCINES ARE IMPORTANT BUT WE DON’T OVER-VACCINATE: Most vaccines for adult cats and dogs are approved by Health Canada for use only once every 3 years. Although an annual health exam is important for your pet, annual vaccination may not be necessary.
  • OUR CLIENTS ARE PARTNERS WITH US IN THEIR ANIMAL’S CARE: We strongly believe that the more familiar a client is with their animal’s health issues, the better we are able to work together to diagnose and resolve health and behavioural problems. Accordingly, we will ensure that your animal’s test results (including blood work) and x-rays are fully discussed with you, and copies made available to you on request. Also, when we do an ultrasound procedure on your animal, you are welcome to be present - and many cats and dogs appreciate having their favourite person “holding their paw” while we do the ultrasound.